Gazelle Core System


Harness the power of all four indicators together with the gazelle Core system in one bundled price.

Gazelle Stealth MA

The Stealth MA is far more than your every day moving average. It is an innovative combination of seven technical markers that track the movement of the marke steaets. Thlth MA ensures accurate entry and provides the ultimate safe and tight stop loss for maximum lot size.

Choose from six different presets according to your particular style and approach to trading.

Gazelle Wave Runner

There is no greater tool to surf the trends of the market then the Gazelle Wave Runner. The Wave runner gives you the trader’s edge by giving you the exact moment price breaks structure with momentum.

Not only does Wave Runner give you confirmation to get into good trades, but also gives you the confidence to stay in those good trades. In adding it clearly shows you the bad trades to stay out of.

Gazelle Pivot Lord

Levels as a groundbreaking support and resistance indicator that highlights with pinpoint accuracy major support and resistance levels.

Use Pivot Lord for Scalping on the 5 Minute Time Frame by showing it’s pivots, Or install Pivot Lord multiple times to show confluence among several time frames to take high probability trades.

The possibilities are endless!

Gazelle True Trend

Are you looking for that extra level of confirmation of the Trend? Well True trend is just the Indicator for you! The bold contrast candle color gives unmistakable clarity as to the ultimate direction of the trend while also giving confidence to stay in your positive trade to maximize profit!


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